4 April 2017

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I guess I am going to get back into fandom, little ramblings and fic writing, most of all. Now, I was going to hop on livejournal as I used to have an account there and I know how to use it, but... well, they really screwed themselves over, didn't they? All I see is people buggering off here and since I'd been recommended the site by some lovely fella, I figured I might as well. This feels less like a wasteland, even though I'll have to start all over again. It'll be a challenge then. Something nice to focus on for once.

I miss writing fanfic. I wrote some last year, mostly for Sterek. I have a Glorfindel fic sitting about and I've never finished my Classic Who or Swan Queen fics. It's a shame, really. I've always depended on creativity to keep me happy and at this moment I'm so down that writing is actually becoming difficult. I intended to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo for some original writing, but that's obviously not happening. I lost all interest in my story just a few days before April. But I might be interested in some shorter ficcy things. I signed up to a fic exchange on tumblr that's going on this summer, but as I'm feeling especially nostalgic, I sorta want to get back to writing Drarry. Back in the day I wrote some shitty stuff under another pseudonym, but I've definitely improved as a writer and I've got a couple of ideas I'm hoping to work on. As soon as the meds kick in.

Either way, I'll be here, trying to figure out what parts of this site are different from livejournal and hopefully, make some new friends. This seems like a nice place. <3


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