5 April 2017

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Today I've been thinking a lot about writing, quite possibly, because I'm not actually doing it. It seems I've made it right back to the beginning and since it's both terrible and amusing to me, I thought I'd share it here.

When I first started writing any stories, I went for originals. I was probably around nine or ten, but I kept my practice going until I had a whole notebook full of stories. While there were a couple of interesting points, the characters were rather embarrassingly bad as well as the setting itself. I used to be quite into supernatural, but what I loved best was wizards. Wizards! Goddamn wizards again.

Oh well, at least it wasn't vamps. I could have easily fallen into that particular trap.

My wizard characters were always rather gloomy and threatening, though they wore ridiculous attire such as large wizard hats lined with glitter, fabulous capes with tiny silver moons on them and most importantly, the staffs. Now the staffs were always the best as a staff would surely reflect its owner's personality and soul. There were lots of those, including a yellow holey one -- that particular wizard was very fond of cheese platters and refused to wear anything but yellow.

Names of those wizards were mostly nonsense. Not exactly key-smashing as back then I still knew how to hold a pen, but I would constantly just mash some characters together and voila! I've got a fancy and ominous name on my hands even if it does end up something like Undelval the Useless. That poor sod was rather useless in duels and things in general, which was really sort of unfortunate for him as most of my stories involved epic duels and torrid romances. And of course, nothing is ever complete without a proper sort of backstabbing.

The romances though? That was some heavy stuff for a ten year old... and probably better smut than I've written nowadays.

So! I'm not really expecting anyone to engage in my rambles, but if you have something to say either about wizards or your own first writings, that would be awesome!

P.S. I really wish I had a wizard hat and a cape. They're so goddamn cool.


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