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Hi. I'm another 20-something who is desperate for a touch of nostalgia. I'm vaguely talented at writing and quite pretty. I swoon at beautiful cars, take perverse pleasure in rain and get my hands dirty on a regular basis. I have a bad habit of going on long bizarre rants that not everyone finds amusing. Some of it may be the effect of mania, but the rest of it is, most likely, just me being obnoxious. I'm a libertine at heart, there's no question about it.

I do my best to entertain, but I have a bad habit of not focusing on my projects for long enough to finish them. I am a sucker for characterisation even when it is easier to portray it in writing than art. There's probably a silver lining to everything, but people get mad when you point it out.

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adventure time, art, astronomy, audrey horne, babyshambles, bartimaeus, baths, bernard black, black books, blaise zabini, books, booze, bubbline, cars, citrus, classic who, coffee, comics, dale cooper, dave strider, davekat, deadpool, derek hale, dirty pretty things, doctor who, draco malfoy, drarry, drawing, emma swan, erica reyes, fanfic, fanfiction, fashion, femmeslash, fic, film photography, fireworks, foxes, gaming, ginny weasley, ginsy, glitter, glorfindel, gondolin, greeks, harry potter, hermione granger, history, homestuck, horace slughorn, in the loop, james potter, jamie macdonald, john egbert, john mandrake, kanaya maryam, karkat vantas, kavinsky, kitty jones, lemons, lgbt, lily evans, lockwood and co, lord of the rings, lotr, lucius malfoy, lydia martin, magical realism, magneto, makeup, malcolm tucker, marauders, marceline, marcus aurelius, marvel, mental health, mental illness, meta, mint, miss fisher's murder mysteries, narcissa malfoy, nature, once upon a time, ouat, painting, pansy parkinson, parov stelar, pastries, patrick wolf, peacocks, perfume, peter pettigrew, photography, phryne fisher, pixel art, pizza, plants, poetry, politics, pomegranates, pride and prejudice, princess bubblegum, rain, reading, regina mills, remus lupin, romans, ron weasley, rose lalonde, rosemary, roxy lalonde, science, science fiction, scott mccall, sherlock, showers, silmarillion, sirius black, slash, space, speculative fiction, sterek, stiles stilinski, stoicism, swan queen, tea, teen wolf, the bartimaeus trilogy, the canterville ghost, the doctor, the game, the libertines, the master, the thick of it, the yeti, tolkien, twin peaks, video games, vultures, water, weird fiction, witch king of angmar, withnail and i, wizards, wolverine, writing, wwii, x-men
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