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For the sake of my own sanity, I've postponed my last Camp story; a story I've been working on for years. I cannot see it clearly at this point and all I can do is take a long break and hope for the best.

I have a new project (working title: Night Sails) I'd like to focus on in July, though I've yet to decide whether I want to actually write it or if I'll just work on the concept and outlining. Maybe I should write a fanfic instead? I don't know. It has been difficult to get motivated recently and despite my initial excitement with Night Sails, I'm already finding faults with my own imagination.But if I'm honest, I'm probably just having a tough day as I had to deal with a bunch of condescending bureaucrats and this sort of thing tends to suck out any joy I would have had otherwise.

So, is anyone else taking part in July's Camp Nano? What are you writing?


7 April 2017 07:18 pm
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Bother! For some strange reason I still cannot fully comprehend, I decided to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo this April. I only know what day it is, because I have a word count to work towards!

I'd planned to work on some of my original work, but then mental illness happened and I lost both inspiration and a couple days from my schedule, so I decided to work on a H/D fanfic instead. It's not even one of the great ideas I had planned! Oh no, it wouldn't do me any good if I just followed the goddamn plan for once in my life. Nope. Not at all. I'm here to dive head first against a brick wall for the entertainment of everyone, including my own!

On the bright side, I'm finding myself enjoying it quite a bit. I managed to write 2,124 words today and I might keep going provided I'm not too sleepy to get my brain to play along. I've never really worked like this. I'm always very precise about the quality of my writing and I am also, unfortunately, a compulsive editor. I think this will be an interesting challenge for me. Write utter rubbish and try to craft gold later.

Seeing how smoothly certain things in life flow, I wish others followed. All I want is some sort of stability to keep me grounded; someone I could talk to without feeling judged for my persistent cock ups; some time perhaps, just to float and figure things out. In a way, I suppose I've been granted the latter, but I feel guilty and really, that's no basis for proper living. That's alright, though. Tomorrow might be better. After all, Saturdays are always nice and dreamy. In the meantime, I'll bury myself in my wizard cape.


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